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im totally new.



Age: seventeen.

Location: san antonio.

Who did you invite?: jointheredarmy.

10+ Favorite Bands: the french kicks, mates of state, the eels, the liars, blood brothers, the shins, starlight mints, the flaming lips, gravy train, they might be giants, placebo, the pixies, the strokes, nirvana, the postal service, hot hot heat, bright eyes, death cab,

5 Favorite movies: garden state, aladdin, elephant, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, igby goes down.

5 Favorite Books: choke, lullaby, fat chance, white oleander.. and almost anything by chuck palahnuik.

Favorite Jones Soda flavor: "jones?!" i dont drink soda.. ill go for tha water or sweet tea.

Favortie Quote: "its better to rise than to fade away"

Favorite Gangsta Lyric: "damn it feels good to be a gangsta."

Tell us about yourself: hmm. im tha average high school girl i guess..? i like to have fun and be with my friends. i also like going to shows a lot. my lucky number is five. and i loveee chinese food. oh and i have a boyfriend.. james. which i am totally in love with. heart, heart, and heart. =]

Do you like to dance?: yeah me and my friend katie go clubbin sometimes. but we havent in a while.

What kind of dancing to you do?: tha kind of dancing that goes down in tha clubs. i also go to ska shows a lot, so i can skank like a mother.

What is your favorite sex position?: haha.. hmm. i dont know i guess whatever my boyfriend wants hah.

Do you gang bang?: you know it.

What do you feel makes you an indie gangsta?: i love rap. and people make fun of me for it kinda.. they think im not serious or something.

                     Oh yes... and would you sex up the mods? (please specify which one): i guess both. at tha same time.

                                                                         now three pics + one gangsta pose!


i guess this is a gangsta pose.. its tha only one i got:



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