yeah! since some people have actually been posting lately and what not, i thought i would come up with a new theme. the new theme is "all wrapped up," in honor of winter. so pictures of you (and your friends) all wrapped up in warm clothes and cute sweaters. i am aware that the majority of us live in arizona, and it's not really even cold at all, but work with me here. have a lovely little day darlings!
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im leaving all communities,
because the following reasons

_inactiveness from mostly all users
_the lack of posts and or comments on the few posts
_the fact that no one ever applies
_or everyone that does apply is fucking annoying and or ugly
_and that they get in anyways, pisses me off.

there are a few of you that i love to death though, and you should add me, and tell me too

and then add me on myspace.